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Curriculum vitae

Director of the Institute of Economic and Legal Studies (Moscow), advocate of the Moscow Bar Association.

Research interests: international legal regulation of «digital rights» from the point of view of fundamental human rights; digitalization of society and its consequences; positive and negative aspects of digitalization; legal relations in digital reality, in cyberspace; digital economy – artificial intelligence, big data, platform solutions, digital services; digitalization of business processes, digitalization management; until 2012 – research of the processes of international interaction of legal systems, including: issues of theoretical justification of interaction in the course of legal integration.

The number of scientific publications – 23. Of these: in the publications of the list of HAC – 6; in the publications included in the RSCI – 9. Hirsch Index (RSCI) – 3. Member of the Russian Association of International Law.

Actively engaged in practical activities. Specializes in advising on international taxation and tax risk assessment; structuring asset ownership in various jurisdictions; has competence and significant experience in the field of cross-border transaction support, settlement of economic disputes (litigation & arbitration), including insolvency (bankruptcy) cases complicated by criminal proceedings, as well as in the field of compliance and due diligence. He defended entrepreneurs in criminal cases of economic and tax orientation on crimes against property, in the sphere of economics and economic activity (first of all, 159, 199 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, including complicated by Article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Among the clients are large Russian and foreign companies.

Legal experience – 20 years (since 2003); including advocatory practice – 16 years (since 2007).

Has management experience. He headed companies involved in IT, financial, economic and legal spheres.

Engaged in pedagogical activities. Pedagogical experience – 14 years (since 2009). Main courses: international, European and national economic and digital law and justice; International economic law; European Union law; international law; Tax law of foreign states; Legal regulation of foreign economic activity.

Graduated from Kazan State Pedagogical University (KSPU) with a degree in foreign language; Kazan State University named after V.I. Ulyanov-Lenin (KSU) – specialty «jurisprudence». He received additional professional education (professional retraining) in the field of jurisprudence: Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) – 2011-2012; Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation – 2012-2013, Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA) – 2020-2021.

Speaks French, English and Latin.